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Hudson Wayne
biography / portrait
Four young men in their early twenties have found their calling in life and with their debut opus opened up a door to new horizons. Think of the Tindersticks, Interpol, Nick Cave and The Beatles and you will be close in guessing how the battle really sounds like.

Hudson Wayne was formed in 2002 and has gained a fairly positive attention since. To define the style of their music, one could say it's a altern-country pop/rock with connections to Tindersticks, Calexico, Nick Cave, Beat Happening, and even the Velvet Underground if you like to go so far. Interpol is also a name that might pop up in your head while listening to them. Hudson Wayne released their deubut at our label in the summer of 2005.

The Battle of the Bandidos got good reviews both from the critics and the public, and no wonder, it's truely a great album, ambitious, rough, but overall, beautiful. The artwork made by Ragnar Kjartansson (the singer from Trabant) is also quite interesting, and captures the feeling of the music very well. The guys have also released by them selves a couple of Ep's which are now all long-sold out.