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Taxi Taxi!
biography / portrait
Up until now most of the media buzz around the two identical twins Miriam and Johanna Eriksson Berhans has focused on their age and looks. And yes - it´s no secret, these Swedish girls are still in their teens and they have a captivating charm, but it is still their music they make together that makes these two sisters unique. Taxi Taxi! writes brilliant almost magical songs in the sphere of indiepop and folk as we know it from people like Vashti Bunyan, Isobel Campbell and Nick Drake. On top of their composing talents, these two girls are gifted from mother earth with mesmerizingly sweet voices, when they sing in unison shivers are almost guaranteed.

Even though Taxi Taxi! still hasn´t release a single record they have already etablished themselves and made many fans and friends via myspace and their many live performances on summer festivals and venues around Sweden.

When Taxi Taxi! isnt magnetizing crowds in various venues or recording their songs in a studio they attend the Music High School Söder in Stockholm. Here they write songs about not wanting to grow up, love and the peculiar facts of life.