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The (International) Noise Conspiracy
biography / portrait
The (International) Noise Conspiracy formed in Sweden in late 1998. The band members all grew up with the Swedish hardcore scene, and were schooled in the radical youth movements of the 90's. The band released a bunch of singles in 1999 and started touring, quickly earning a reputation as one of the wildest and most uncompromising live acts out there. True to their ideology, the band went to The People's Republic Of China in May of 1999 for their first tour outside of Sweden. The symbolism of the Tianamen Square massacre was not lost as the band performed their songs in still illegal, hidden rock clubs while the Chinese police waited outside the door with guns and nightsticks.

The band's debut album Survival Sickness (Epitaph/Burning Heart) was released in the spring of 2000. Heavy touring around the world followed, and in late 2000 America got their first visit by these radical Swedes with both headline dates and shows with At The Drive In, Sunny Day Real Estate and others. Other American tours followed in 2001, including runs with Rocket From The Crypt, The Hives and Rival Schools.

While the world was changing and protests were raging, The (International) Noise Conspiracy continued to be inspired by the political climate of the world at large. The band found a movement where they felt at home and went to participate at the protest against the European Union and George Bush meeting in Gothenburg in June 2001. A free show was played for the 25.000 protestors and this embodied the idea that politics and music could be combined in a real and vital context. Inspired by this, the band recorded and released "A New Morning Changing Weather" (Burning Heart/Epitaph) in 2001. The release, lyrically inspired by the wave of protest and uprising, offered songs like "Capitalism Stole My Virginity.2 Critics praised the record and called T(I)NC "rock's most politically radical band." (Los Angeles Times)

Endless touring followed and the band played Europe, America and Australia several times. A live record was recorded at the Oslo Jazz festival 2002 Live at the Oslo Jazz festival (Moserobie) when the band performed with jazz-legends Jonas Kullhammar and Sven Eric Dahlberg. The band also released the mini album "Bigger Cages, Longer Chains" (Epitaph/Burning heart) in 2003, which included a cover of N.E.R.D's "Baby Doll."

Legendary producer Rick Rubin had followed The (International) Noise Conspiracy for a while, and contacted the band directly with his desire to work with them. He signed them to his label in 2003 and together they started to work on what was to be Armed Love. The band continues their raging battle against capitalists and fascists all over the world. Times of compromising with the oppressors are now over! The (International) Noise Conspiracy is back to let you know that we've got nothing but our chains to lose, and a world to win.