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Kivimetsän Druidi
biography / portrait
From an imaginative Northern forest, full of large stone blocks and surrounded by high mountains comes Kivimetsän Druidi, a young and determined metal band from Finland destined to become the next sensation in symphonic metal. Imagine the breeze of a warm spring wind blowing over the raging, blood-drenched battlefield. Feel the wind circling amidst the dying, taking their wandering souls with it - this is how vocalist/guitarist Joni would describe Kivimetsän Druidi’s music.

Founded in 2002 by the Koskinen brothers the band has since then gone through several personnel changes. Every new member has brought more talent and personality upon the table and the current line-up is just what the brothers had wished for since day one. The five dark Nordic warriors and their fairy princess, vocalist Leeni-Maria, have created an unmistakeable sound that is heavy, drivingly fast, but which due to its epic atmosphere, and melancholic highly catchy overtones marks a stunning amalgamation of Celtic folklore and vast extreme metal influences.

After three, meanwhile sold out demo CDs, “Taival” (2004), “Mustan Valtikan Aika” (2006) and “The New Chapter” (2007), which received massive media and fan praise, the fourth demo CD “Taottu” was the one that convinced Century Media Records to take Finland’s probably most promising new act under their wings.

Even without a strong label in its back, Kivimetsän Druidi has already played almost 100 gigs, one third of them abroad during a first European tour in support of fellow Finnish folkmetallers Korpiklaani between October and November 2007. This tour marked an overwhelming debut on European stages as the band fronted sold-out venues in Berlin, Budapest, Milan, Paris, London and Amsterdam, and took them through 14 different countries.

For its Century Media debut, Kivimetsän Druidi entered Noise Camp studio in Turku with producer Esa Orjatsalo in early June. The result is a stunning opus telling tales about loyalty and love, defection and hate, darkness and light, bravery and fear. Ten epic, dark, wondrous, noble and cheerful, but all the way heavy songs with fantastic lyrics dealing with everlasting battle between good and evil, hatred and forgiveness, jealousy and willpower.

Leeni-Maria’s beautiful female vocals are perfectly contrasted with Joni’s brutal growls from six feet under. Antti’s majestic and voluminous keyboard sound is already characteristic for the band while Rinksa and Joni attack your eardrums with extremely heavy riffs. However, the basics of Kivimetsän Druidi’s accurate and hefty sound comes from the talented rhythm duo Atte (drums) and Simo (bass).