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Eysturstein Knút Háberg
artist : Eysturstein Knút Háberg 
album : on High 
Knút - on High
Knút (full name; Knút Háberg Eysturstein) sings, plays instruments & writes songs. A native of the Faroe Islands, he currently lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. Knút's third album On High is underway with singles "The Road" & “Growing Old” out now.

The songwriting is guitar and piano based, and in keeping with the conviction that the most interesting music is made from the melding of different inputs, Knút draws inspiration from a wide variety of styles and genres. His upcoming album will feature a collection of brand new songs with touches of 70's americana and gospel.

The album is produced by Jens L. Thomsen (Orka, Eivør etc.) and was mainly recorded in the living room of Knút's and his sister’s old house in the middle of Tórshavn, Faroe Islands. The house where their grandparents and their mother used to live and were Knút has written many of his songs.

“To me, music has always been about transcendence and survival”, Knút says. “Not in terms of food and drink survival, but a survival of the soul. It’s always been my way out.”

And out he goes, bringing his brand new album with him across the ocean and on the road. Going way back, fast forward.
(Roger Rey)