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artist : Byrta 
album : Byrta 
Byrta - Byrta
BYRTA is a new duo from The Faroe Islands with members Gušriš Hansdóttir and Janus Rasmussen. Gušriš is best know as a singer-songwriter and Janus is best known for his role in Icelandic electro band Bloodgroup. They met while they were both living in Reykjavķk, Iceland and they started experimenting with electronic pop music. The result was the band BYRTA and a brand new album filled with catchy pop melodies. The first single ”Loyndarmįl” became a massive hit on the Faroes Radio and on the dancefloors. All the songs on the album are in Faroese and are mainly about difficult relationships and isolated life on small islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.
(Roger Rey)