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The idea to create an information platform was born in winter 2004 during a project work of three multimedia students. In cooperation with Roger Rey, a music expert and Felix van den Berg, a lover of the Scandinavian area the first internet platform by the name of came into being.
In spring 2006 Felix van den Berg and some of his friends finally founded the association Nordklang.

After a while it became more and more clear that the portal did no longer correspond to the needs of the association. The time has come to separate the website of the association from the information platform completely. The new website of the association has been created and updated by the members themselves and gives information about the activities of the association and the Nordklang festival.

The updated internet platform serves as a huge source of information about Scandinavian music and is operated independently from the association by Roger Rey, Andreas Zuber and Anita Steck. The heart of the platform is the continuously growing database (data pool) which is for example reachable through the search function.

On diverse information about artists will be released, such as portraits, news, CD/ DVD releases, concert dates, concert pictures etc. In the future, it will be possible to enlarge the information offer with films and / or books. gives music interested people of any age and any music style an information platform and gets hold of an access to a great and fascinating world of sound.

At the same time, gives unknown musicians the possibility to present themselves on the platform. That’s the reason why you (as a musician, label etc.) are always welcome to send us appropriate information and material.

This platform is a non commercial offer. We do not sell CDs or DVDs – but we’d love (if it is possible) to give you the information where you can get them. Please send your requests to

September 2007


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