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congratulations to Tutl Records

...and thank you very much for 35 Years of great music from the Faroe Islands

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Lockerbie - Ólgusjór

celand's beloved post-rockers Lockerbie have released their debut album Ólgusjór in Europe in all formats - including rather fabulous coloured vinyl - on Kapitan Platte, available now (release date 9.3.12).
Described as 'beautiful indie-pop with a light post-rock touch', and a 'sweet phantasmagorical timbre' (we love that), this band's first LP is garnering excellent reviews and praise for their dreamily spectral songs and lo-fi Coldplay / Sigur Ros-esque sonic sensibilities.

(Roger Rey)


Airwaves Festival 2011

(Roger Rey)


Eivør and Marilyn Monroe

Eivør just got back from Canada where she had the main role as Marilyn Monroe in Gavin Bryars new opera piece "Marilyn the opera".

Read more here:
Opera for a sex goddess

(Anita Steck)


Faroese Punk Band The Dreams

The Album "Revolt" from the Faroese Punk Band The Dreams will be released on Warner Music for Germany, Austria and Switzerland on July 16th.

(Roger Rey)


Discovered: Twiggy Frostbite

Twiggy Frostbite has its roots in Gävle and shares members with the Deer Tracks and Grizzly Twister. The untamed tones and frosty noise of the northern Swedish coast meet the acustics of the tube and create a dreamlike atmosphere. The debut album "Through Fire" will arrive in the winter of 2009 and is a melodic journey from doldrums to hurricane.
Twiggy Frostbite @ mySpace

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Volbeat - Danish Dynamite

It has been many years since singer Michael Poulsen and his band played to tiny audiences and slept in flea-pit hotels or on cold train station benches while on tour. At the time Poulsen was in Dominus, a hard-hitting Danish death-metal band that released four albums between 1995 and 2000. Not many people were listening, but Poulsen kept up both the momentum and his faith in the music.

In 2001 he formed a new band, Volbeat, whose heavy sound also reflected his love of 50s rock’n’roll. One bright scribbler dubbed the band “Elvis metal” - and that’s alright mama, ’cos soon the heartbreak hotel days were behind them, and Volbeat no longer faced being lonesome tonight when they played live.

The band’s 2007 breakthrough album ‘Rock the Rebel/Metal the Devil’ was a bona fide sensation that topped the Danish charts and went platinum - something no other Danish heavy metal band has ever achieved. The followup, the critically acclaimed ‘Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood’, also made it to the top in Denmark.

Volbeat’s success has also been spreading through Europe. The famously metallic Finns sent the album right to the top of the charts, the Swedes took it to No. 4, and it entered the Top 30 in Germany, Austria, Norway, the Netherlands and Switzerland.


(Anita Steck)


Tina Dico - New album in November 2009

Tina Dico announced that her new album "The Road to Gävla" will be released on the 30th of November 2009. More details will follow...

(Anita Steck)


Grand Avenue - Place to Fall

The new album of Grand Avenue "Place to Fall" is out! But unfortunately it's only available in Denmark at the moment. Probably it will be released in Switzerland at the beginning of 2010.

(Anita Steck)


New Lampshade Album 2009

at the end of January (maybe February) the new Lamshade album will be released. It's titled "stop pause play". but you will not need to stop & pause. you'll only need to "play" the whole day long. enjoy!!!

(Roger Rey)


Nordklang Festival 2009

Now the Nordklang-Programm is complete:

(Roger Rey)


Clawfinger @ Quellrock Open Air Bad Ragaz

The pictures from the Clawfinger gig at the Quellrock Open Air Bad Ragaz are now online. You can find them in the gallery.

(Anita Steck)


Sigur Rós @ Southside Festival 2008

The pictures from the icelandic band Sigur Rós from their wonderful concert at the southside festival in Neuhausen (Germany) are now online in our gallery.

(Anita Steck)


Robyn to support Madonna on Sticky & Sweet Tour!

Things just keep getting better and better for Robyn.
Having just finished an amazing sell out UK tour, she has now been asked to support the world's sweetest pop star Madonna on her recently announced European Sticky & Sweet Tour!! Robyn will appear on the following dates:

26-August Nice: Stade Charles Ehrmann
28-August Berlin: Olympic Stadium
30-August Zurich: Military Airfield Dubendorf
02-September Amsterdam: Arena
04-September Dusseldorf: LTU Arena
09-September Frankfurt: Commerzbank Arena
14-September Lisbon: Parque da Bela Vista
23-September Vienna: Danube Island
27-September Athens: Olympic Stadium


(Anita Steck)


Esbjörn Svensson died during a diving accident

Swedish jazz musician Esbjörn Svensson, 44 years old, died during a diving accident yesterday outside of Vrmdö near Stockholm.
He was in a company of divers on Saturday June 14th at a Swedish jetty/landing stage under supervision of a dive-leader when he was found severely injured at the bottom. Resuscitation was unsuccessful. The police will investigate the cause of Svensson's death. The announcement of the death came as a shock for the chairman of the Swedish Jazz Society: “He was a big name way outside of Sweden."

In 1995 and 1996 Esbjörn Svensson was selected the jazz musician of the year in Sweden.


(Anita Steck)


Desert Planet @ Helsinki Klub

The pictures from the crazy Desert Planet concert @ the Helsinki Klub in Zurich are now online. You can find them in our gallery.

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Madrugada @ Abart Zurich

The pictures of the great Madrugada show yesterday in Zurich (8th of May) are now online. You can find them in our gallery.

(Anita Steck)


22 Pistepirkko pictures are online!

You can find the pictures from the concert of 22 Pistepirkko (Palace St. Gallen, 02.04.2008) in our gallery.

(Anita Steck)


Amandine: Digital only release

Following on from their sophomore LP, ‘Solace In Sore Hands’ and coinciding with their third European Tour, Amandine release two exclusive tracks that narrowly missed inclusion on the second album. This digital only release is to be accompanied by a clutch of European dates in March.

Continuing with the characteristic bitter-sweet melodies and poignant lyrics on ‘Solace…’ both tracks lean towards minimalist, swedish folk music with an added delicate swagger and an almost child-like lullaby that can be heard especially throughout ‘Let The Morning Ignite’.
‘Silence…’ builds and sways drunkenly into a warm crescendo that highlights the bands skill at crafting country-inspired songs, that whilst maintaining a gentle sensitivity, never lose their subtle strength of melody.

"Silence Of A Falling Star"
"Let the morning ignite"

21 Mar - Lades, Copenhagen, Denmark
22 Mar - Schokoladen, Berlin, Germany
23 Mar - Cafe Panam, Leipzig, Germany
24 Mar - Washerei P Hall, Innsbruck, Austria
25 Mar - Mariaberg, Rorschach, Switzerland
26 Mar - La Limonaia, Fucecchio (Firenze), Italy
27 Mar - Arci Kroen, Villafranca (Verona), Italy
28 Mar - Morya, Cellatica (Brescia), Italy
29 Mar - D:qliq, Luxemburg, Luxemburg

(Anita Steck)


Swiss Grand Avenue Fansite is online!

In december last year, we've been asked by the management of Grand Avenue if we would like to create an official Grand Avenue Fansite.

And now it's done! The official swiss Grand Avenue fansite is online. On you can find information about the band (sorry - only in german), videos and of course music.

In May 2008 Grand Avenue will be performing three shows in Switzerland: Zurich, Yverdon and Lucerne.

(Anita Steck)


New Teitur Songs on MySpace

Teitur published some new songs from his forthcoming album "The Singer" on his MySpace profile. You can find the songs here:

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New Webhosting Provider

We had some troubles with our webhosting provider in the past few weeks. So we decided to change the hosting provider. Now we hope that everything is fixed. We would like to say thank you to Chris Furrer from for the great support.

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Eivør has just received the Golden Record in Iceland

Eivør has just received the Golden Record in Iceland for the excellent sales, which "Human Child" has reached. It takes 5000 pieces to receive such an honour - Eivør has already sold 7500 pieces since August!

(Anita Steck)


Madrugadas sixth album will be out in January of 2008

There`s no doubt that working in the studio with the new Madrugada songs has been therapeutic for Sivert and me, says bass-player Frode Jacobsen in connection with the fact that he and singer Sivert Hoyem have decided to stick with the original schedule, set before guitarist Robert Burås tragic death, for the recording of their new album.

We´re really glad that we have these recordings, fourteen songs where Robert plays a major part. By continuing the work according to our plan, our ideas are still fresh, the vision the three of us had for this record still feels alive . If we had put it aside for a year, I´m sure we would have ended up with a completely different record. We would probably have been alot more apprehensive in our approach. The material on the new album was developed among the band members in the three years that have passed since their last studio album, The Deep End, recorded in Los Angeles in the fall of 2004.

Madrugada began work on their new album in New York in May with the producer/engineer John Agnello. Agnello mixed Madrugada`s debut album Industrial Silence (1999) and he was involved as a producer for the follow-up, The Nightly Disease (2001). He also mixed Robert Buras`s band My Midnight Creeps second album, the very well received Histamin (2007). In other words; He is the external creative force that has had the most influence on Madrugada`s artistic development.

Earlier this fall, Agnello worked with the band in Svenska Grammofon Studio ( Run by Kalle Gustavson, bass-player from leading Swedish rock band, Soundtrack Of Our Lives).
In November, Madrugada and Agnello met back in the US to finish and mix the album in the two studios, Magic Shop (Manhattan) and Water Music ( Hoboken, New Jersey). We were really happy with the first sessions we had in New York in May. The foundation for the whole record was done at that time.

On one very special day, the three of us experienced something that was both magical and to us, very unusual.We recorded five songs in a row, normally it takes at least a couple of days to get one song down on tape.

Vital to making this Madrugada album both the best and the most important ever, is the list of merited musicians and friends the trio has involved; Madrugadas drummer from the last two albums, Erland Dahlen, The American guitarist Kid Congo Powers ( The Bad Seeds, The Cramps, Gun Club), who also played on the big selling live album ” Live at Trafalmadore” (2005), the guitarist Emil Nicolaisen (Serena Manesh), the American pedal steel-players Eric Heywood (Son Volt, The Jayhawks, Joe Henry) and David Mansfield ( Bob Dylan, Alpha Band). Adding vocals are Norwegian singers Ane Brun, who was the duet partner on the mega hit ”Lift me” in 05 and Ingrid Olava. A first on this album is a song where Robert sings lead vocal. Even though he sang with his own band, My Midnight Creeps, he was always reluctant to sing with Madrugada.

I´m really happy that we managed to persuade him, concludes Frode Jacobsen.


(Anita Steck)


Pictures from PolarZoo Festival online!

You can find the pictures of the PolarZoo Festival from the 13th of december in our gallery.

(Anita Steck)


server problems!

we are very sorry - but since yesterday (14th of december) we are having some server problems. the website is not reachable from time to time. we informed our webhosting provider and we hope that the problem will soon be fixed. thank you very much for your sympathy and your patience.

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Pictures from Saybia and Grand Avenue

Grand Avenue and Saybia played in Zurich on Sunday, 9th of December. We made some pictures which you can find in our gallery.

(Anita Steck)


The world’s first ABBA museum to open in Stockholm

The legendary pop group ABBA is getting its own museum in Stockholm.

“It’s great that someone feels like taking
on our musical history and making it accessible,”
Agnetha Fältskog, Benny Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus and Anni-Frid Reuss said in a joint statement.

ABBA the Museum will open its doors in the spring of 2009, and will be located in
a hundred-year-old custom warehouse on the south quay of central Stockholm, easily
accessible by foot, bus or ferry from central Stockholm. ABBA the Museum will also house an event hall, a café and the world’s
biggest ABBA shop.

The museum will be a modern museum filled with ABBA’s music, original clothes,
history, images, instruments and much more that captures the group’s heyday in
the 70s and 80s. It will also be an interactive
experience where visitors can participate with all their senses.

The pair behind this initiative are entrepreneurs
Ewa Wigenheim-Westman and
Ulf Westman. Ewa and Ulf got the idea for ABBA the Museum when they visited the
Beatles Museum in Liverpool a few years ago. Ewa initially brought up the idea with Benny Andersson, with whom she had worked previously. But it took time for her to convince the whole group. ABBA has
approved the project and will make material
available to the museum, but is otherwise not involved.
“ABBA is one of our largest contemporary cultural treasures,” says Wigenheim-
Westman. “With 370 million records sold, only Elvis and the Beatles have had larger
sales in musical history. Today, 25 years after ABBA retired, the group still sells a couple of million albums a year. This makes
Björn, Benny, Agnetha and Anni-Frid living legends and speaks volumes about how
many fans they still have around the world.

For more information,

(Anita Steck)


Sigur Rós announce new album and film

Sigur Rós break their two-year silence to release their first-ever film and a companion album later this autumn. Filmed over two weeks last summer when the band undertook a free tour of Iceland, 'Heima' stands as a colossal labour of love - not to say grand folly - typical of this most exacting of bands.

While most people set up a few cameras at, say, a festival, and call it a DVD, Sigur Rós decided they would push the boat (bus and plane) out for their debut venture into live film, hauling 40-plus people round 15 locations to the furthest flung corners of their homeland to create something, well, inspirational.

On their way they went to ghost towns, outsider art shrines, national parks, small community halls and the absolute middle-of-nowhere-ness of the highland wilderness, as well as playing the largest gig of their career (and in Icelandic history) at their triumphant homecoming Reykjavik show.

'Heima' (Icelandic for "at home" or "homeland"), truly, shows Sigur Rós as never before. Whereas seeing the group live is normally a large-scale and sometimes overwhelming experience, making full use of lights and mesmeric visuals, 'Heima' was always intended to reveal more of what was actually going on on stage. It does this via long-held close-ups and a rare intimate proximity, without ever once breaking the spell.

Loosely based on a documentary format - and including personal reflections from the band - 'Heima' also serves as an alternative primer for Iceland the country, which is revealed as less stag destination-du-jour and more desolate, magical place where human beings have little right to trespass.

'Heima' features performances of songs from all four Sigur Rós albums, many radically reworked, as well as two exclusive new songs in 'Guitardjamm', which was filmed inside an abandoned herring oil tank in the far West of the country, and the traditional 'A Ferd Til Breidarfjardar 1922', performed with poet Steindor Andersen.

'Heima' was directed by Dean DeBlois, a long-time fan of the band and director of the Oscar-nominated animated feature 'Lilo & Stitch', using an Icelandic crew.

'Hvarf-Heim', the companion record, is more cousin than sister release. It has two titles because it is in effect two separate, but complementary, entities, with – get this – two front covers and a limited edition run of two discs. Open it one way and it's 'Hvarf' ("disappeared" or "haven", a five track electric studio record comprising mainly unreleased rarities from Sigur Rós's back-pages, none of which is on 'Heima'. Open it the other way and it's 'Heim' ("home"), a six track acoustic record, comprising delicate new unplugged versions of some of Sigur Rós's best moments, which have never been performed before.

The band were originally asked to deliver a traditional live album to go with the live film, but thinking about it, with Sigur Rós that wasn't ever going to happen, and what we have here in 'Hvarf-Heim' is infinitely more stimulating and exciting than some will-this-do? toss-offs of songs they honed to perfection in the studio aeons ago.

'Hvarf-Heim' features three previously absolutely unreleased electric songs (Salka, Hljomalind and I Gaer) and is, anyway, wall-to-wall re-workings. Whatever way you look at it, 'Hvarf-Heim' is a great Sigur Ros record.

'Heima' receives its worldwide premiere on September 27th at the Icelandic Film Festival and a run of national premieres at film festivals all around the world follows including a UK premiere (full details soon to be announced). The film will then receive a nationwide UK release in selected cinemas across the UK.

On November 5th 'Heima' will be released as a Special Edition double DVD package with a 104-page book containing stunning photos from the tour. It will also be released as a standard 2-DVD set. The first disc of both packages features the 'Heima' film, with a choice of a 5.1 surround sound or pcm stereo mix, whilst the second DVD will contain the full performances of each song in the movie amongst many other extras.

This is the first chance to see Sigur Rós live on DVD.

'Hvarf-Heim' will be released as a double CD album and a single downloadable album.


(Anita Steck)


Thomas Hansen (St. Thomas) was found passed away in his apartment

Letter from Reidar A. Eik, friend of Thomas Hansen:

Last night, my incredibly dear friend Thomas Hansen was found passed away in his apartment in Oslo. He was 31 years old.

Today is a tough day for his friends and family, and for all of those who were touched by the music he created. Many sang better than him or knew more chords on the guitar, but Thomas had a fantastic sense for melody that was surpassed by few. He would phone you up and ask for a suggestion for a song title, and thirty minutes later he would call again and play you the incredible song that he had just written and recorded for you.

Thomas struggled at many points in his life, his mental problems and addictions were public knowledge because he dared to speak about them. What would be his latest record was recorded at the lowest point of his life, a brutally honest album detailing the struggles of addiction and pain that he was experiencing. He got help and he got better, but there was always the struggle in his life between the shy boy who just wanted to be left alone and the artist who had to look his audience in the eye.

Hopefully, he has finally found peace.

My deepest sympathies to Beth, Terje and Kate. Getting to know your son and your brother was the most important thing that ever happened in my life. I miss him so much.

See you on the other side, Thomas.

Reidar A. Eik
September 11th 2007


(Anita Steck)


Madrugada-/My Midnight Creeps-Guitarist Robert Burås, passed away on 12 July 2007

Our beloved friend, Robert Burås, passed away on 12 July 2007.
He was 31 years old.

Robert dedicated his life to music. He was guitarist and composer in Madrugada for 12 years.
He spent this last year on his band My Midnight Creeps and also on composing and recording a new Madrugada album. Robert passed away at a time when he was at his most creative. Through his recorded work and from stages both domestic and international, he made his eternal mark on Norwegian rock history.

Everyone who knew him and worked with him will remember him as a generous and warm person who lived and breathed for music. There are many of us who cared a lot for Robert who are having an extremely hard time today. Robert will always be a part of us and he will always be deeply missed. Our thoughts and sympathy are with his family. We request that Robert's family may be left to grieve in peace.

Oslo, 13.07.07

Frode Jacobsen, Madrugada
Sivert Høyem, Madrugada
Per Eirik Johansen, EMI
Arne Svare, Stageway


(Roger Rey)


Polarzoo Festival @ Salzhaus Winterthur

The concept centres on the organisation of an indoor festival dedicated to Scandinavian rock music. The basis is pan-Scandinavian, i.e. each of the five Nordic countries being represented by one band. The plan is to establish the festival as an annually held, high-quality event in the three most important cultural and media cities in the G.S.A. region. While offering both concert-goers and artists alike a memorable concert experience, a further objective is to provide a showcase for the Scandinavian music scene. The quality and diversity of Scandinavian rock music must be reflected in the festival programme. The combination of established and less-well-known artists serves to utilise the appeal of big names for the benefit of newcomers. Target attendances are 700 (Vienna & Zurich/Winterthur) and 800 (Berlin) respectively. The target group comprises fans of Scandinavian rock music of all ages.

Line up:

- Last Days of April (SWE)

- Kashmir (DK)

- Wulfgang (IS)

- Ida Maria (NO / SWE)

- Desert Planet (FI / Lapland)


(Anita Steck)


problems with the webserver

In the last few days we had some problems with our webserver. The website was not reachable from time to time and we're very sorry for that. It was a technical problem of our webhosting provider. The problem should now be fixed.

(Anita Steck)


Shadow Parade - Pick of the moment

on you can listen four songs from the upcoming album "dubious intentions" from the Icelandic band Shadow Parade.
Enjoy them...

(Roger Rey)


Efterklang - new cd in october

The new Efterklang CD "Parades" will be released in October 2007.

(Roger Rey)


Faroese Singer playing in Switzerland

The Faroese singer Lena Anderssen is opening the Xavier Rudd Concert in Zurich. (sept. 7th 2007)

(Roger Rey)


Faroese Musician on Atlantic Music Event

This year’s program features Eivør w/band, TEITUR w/added strings, Gestir w/added strings, Brandur Enni duo, and Høgni Lisberg w/band.

(Roger Rey)


New Album from Sivert Höyem.

The 2nd solo-album "Exiles" from Madrugada's charismatic singer Sivert Höyem, will be released end of March.

(Roger Rey)


Kaizers Orchestra in Zurich

On sunday, 26th of november, Kaizers Orchestra were playing in Zurich. You can find some pictures from the concert in our gallery.

(Anita Steck)


Sivert Höyem: release of a new solo album

Sivert Höyem, singer of the norwegian Band Madrugada, will release his new solo album called "Exiles" on December 11th in Norway. No other international release plans as yet. The first single "Into The Sea" is already in heavy rotation A-List on NRK P3. Touring is planned in Norway and beyond.

(Anita Steck)


Pictures from Teitur-Concert in Switzerland

On the German-part of this page, you can see some pictures from Teitur playing in Zurich.

(Roger Rey)


The Sugarcubes bounce back in concert!

This is a press release which we just received, we are stunned, surprised and sugarcubed! :

"Nearly 20 years ago The Sugarcubes put out on their own label Smekkleysa SM, their first single Birthday. This release was the start to the splendid career of The Sugarcubes, and impressive releases of Icelandic artists in Iceland and abroad alike. These first steps made by The Sugarcubes have made and everlasting impact and influence on the Icelandic export of music.

It is therefor with unbound joy we announce the 20th anniversary concert of Birthday and The Sugarcubes in Reykjavik on the 17th of November. The Sugarcubes will take to the stage for the first time in 14 years.

All profit from the concert goes back into Smekkleysa SM who will continue to work on a non-profit basis for the future betterment of Icelandic music and artists.

World domination or death! yes thank you!"

(Anita Steck)


new drummer for Lampshade

On Thursday, 14th of September, Daniel Löfgren, drummer of Lampshade will play his last show with the band. He will make a long break from his music career because of health problems. He will also spend more time with his family.

For the upcoming shows, a new drummer has been found: Adam Jacobsson from Malmö, Sweden.

We wish Daniel Löfgren all the best for the future and Adam Jacobsson a lot of fun and a good time with Lampshade.

Read Daniels farewell lines:

Dear friends of lampshade!

The last fourn years has been almost magical for me. I have been very
proud to be able to tour around Europe with a band like lampshade. The
band has been like a second family and it will have a special place in
my heart forever.

I have a lot of memories of amazing moments through the years. We've
been driving by spectacular nature, like the fjords in Norway and the
alps in Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia (on very small roads, through
a small boarder). We have been sleeping on beds made for tents on a very
cold night in Gota, Germany, (the air condition was on allthough it was
like 5 degrees). In Malmö my cymbalstand fell down from the stage. In
Innsbruck I fell down from the stage. Sometimes we've arrived late to
concerts, like last month when we came to Lubiaz, Poland, five minutes
before the show after a 12 hour drive and had to drive through 5000
people to come to the stage.Our instruments and cars have broke down a
few times and so on...

But almost every single gig has been great and it is of course a lot
thanks to you; all the amazing fans of lampshade.

Despite of all those things it is now time for me to take a long break
from my music career. My health is not very good, the stress I've been
through the last years has left me with astma and stomach problems. also
I'm going to get married this spring and it is time for a chapter in my
life where my family comes first.

Thank you all for making my life an adventure. You will be in my heart

[Daniel Löfgren. Drummer in Lampshade from late Summer 2002 - late Summer 2006]

(Anita Steck)


Lamshade playing at Café Nature FO (07/25/06)

CAFÉ NATUR 25/7 21.00

(Roger Rey)


Lampshade is playing at G!Festival


(Roger Rey)


Countdown to Roskilde

It's already sold out, it's already turning into a mess, Roskilde Festival is surely the highlight of danish music culture every year - at least sizewise. It could be possibility of rain, which has proven to produce quite amount of sticky, smelly dirt so we advise you to bring boots just in case - they're really overprised at the festival!

The faroese diva Eivör Pálsdóttir is playing on Friday @ 15:00 in the Lounge scene, a new area at the festival providing only easy, chilling tunes for people more relaxed than others. Sigur Rós is also playing on Thursday in Arena at 22:30.

(Roger Rey)


Disco Ensemble: another finnish success story?

The alternative/punk group Disco Ensemble recently inked a worldwide
exclusive deal with Universal Domestic Rock Germany. Acclaimed by media
around Europe, Disco Ensemble are already well known for their energetic
live shows. Among many, Kerrang glorified the act to the UK audience the
following way: "This is thrilling, edgy post-hardcore with huge choruses
and colossal vats of energy!" The team who have previously led artists
like The Rasmus and Rammstein to prosperity are ready to
work hard to write another Finnish success story.

(Source: Music Export Finland)

(Anita Steck)


Lodger - deal with Recall Records

Lodger, famous for their award-winning animated music videos, have signed
a two-album deal with Recall Records to join a roster including Dj Cam,
Grand National and Mylo. Lodger's debut album
HiFi High Lights Down Low will be out in North America in September 2006.
The band will be featured in the "indie spotlight" on the iTunes USA
frontpage in the week starting June 12. In addition to North America,
Recall has also acquired rights to release the album in France and the
Netherlands. Elsewhere in Europe the band are signed to EMI.

(Source: Music Export Finland)

(Anita Steck)



The Finnish metal phenomenon Nightwish will spend this summer rehearsing
at a top-secret location, yet all their fans will have access to this
classified residence. How on earth is this possible? The answer is the
Nightwish FanBLOG - a mobile video blog at
The band shoot eye-popping material with
their mobile phones, and after a couple of minutes, the footage is on the
FanBLOG site. This is as close as you can get.

(Source: Music Export Finland)

(Anita Steck)


Behind the Numbers

Lordi hysteria has gripped Europe. First and foremost
in the thrall of the heavy metal monster band's rough grip is its home
country Finland, which naturally went bonkers after Lordi clinched the win
of the Eurovision Song Contest with Hard Rock Hallelujah. The band is now
at the top of the album chart with The Arockalypse. In Sweden the album
hit No. 11 and Hard Rock Hallelujah took the top spot of the Swedish
download chart. In Germany the positions were 13 for the album, No. 5 for
the single and No. 2 for downloads. In the UK the single was released on
the appropriately devilish date of 6.6.06. and that has so far led to No.
25 in the singles charts.

(Source: Music Export Finland)

(Anita Steck)


Faroese biggest punk export - 200 - back in studio!

It has only been a year since 200 released their massively succesful album nr
2 "Viva La Republica!", but this busy punk rocking trio does not rest on its
laurels! The three have gathered once more at Studio Skýrák in Torshavn,
along with technician/engineer Jónas Bloch Danielsen, to lay the foundations
for their third album of hard hitting, riffing, political punk!
Knowing that the element of surprise is always notable with 200, we are
looking forward for new sounds...


(Anita Steck)


Alamaailman Vasarat

The new album is ready! A collaboration album with Alamaailman Vasarat and Tuomari Nurmio (and Tohtori Hillilä) is now ready and mastered!Album is called "Kinaporin kalifaatti" and it features 11 compeletely new songs and a bonus five-song live-DVD "Palataan Aasiaan". This generous package shows Vasarat at its best perfectly saluting Tuomari Nurmio's raspy voice and distinctive lyrics.

(Roger Rey)


Under Byen

Rammstein has kindly asked Under Byen to do a remix of their song "Ohne Dich" which will appear on the single to that exact song. It'll be relased in Germany on November 22nd and Denmark will follow with a release in the beginning of the new year.

(Roger Rey)


Hoven Droven

Bo is featured on the brand new Iron Maiden Tribute CD ”Food For Thought” that is out now. A CD that takes some unusual twists on Maiden classics ..
The CD is master minded by hard rocking Swedes Mattias Reinholdsson & Henrik Johansson, and Bo is joining the likes of L-G Petrov from ENTOMBED, and Iron Maidens own bodyguard Peter Lokrantz (!!) Bo is featured on the track ”Burning Ambition”, but if you think he is playing guitar on the track, .. you´re wrong .. In true Hoven Droven style Bo´s contribution is: .. a hot accordion solo !!!

(Roger Rey)


Sleep Good - Rock Well. A Documentary about 22-Pistepirkko

Sleep Good - Rock Well is a story from the life of 22-Pistepirkko. This one hour documentary will air on Finnish TV YLE Teema and Danish Television (Musikprogrammet) during summer 2005. Look out for specific dates.
Also a generous DVD version is in the making.


(Roger Rey)


Björk / Screaming Masterpiece

For a show commemorating their twenty-year collaboration, Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin fill one long wall from floor to ceiling with more than five hundred unframed photographs, many familiar from glossy editorial spreads and ad campaigns. But this busy couple is not content with being successful fashion and celebrity photographers; they want to be artists too. So their pictures of Tom Cruise, Karl Lagerfeld, Björk, and a bearded Kate Moss face off across the gallery with a series of digitally collaged creatures that start off as nude women and end up as fairy-tale grotesques. In this standoff between art and commerce, neither side wins.
In other news, Screaming Masterpiece (or Gargandi Snilld in Icelandic) by Ari Alexander Ergis Magnusson is nominated films for Nordic Council Film Prize 2005. Ten films from Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Finland and Norway have been nominated and the winner will be presented at a press conference at the Danish Film Institute in Copenhagen on Wednesday 12 October at 11am.

Screaming Masterpiece is a documentary featuring live performances by many Icelandic musicians, including Björk singing 'All is full of love' and 'Pluto' in New York, along with recent interviews and old footage from the Sugarcubes era. See a trailer for Screaming Masterpiece here. The soundtrack is available from Bad Taste.

(Roger Rey)


takk t-shirts for $1

sigur rós and the toothfaeries, the creators of their merchandise, are fed up with the extortionate fees they are required to pay to concert venues for selling their t-shirts to fans at the american shows. half of the profit of all merchandise sold at tonight’s show at ‘the joint’ in the hard rock hotel, las vegas, goes to the venue and new taxes. sigur rós have decided to protest against these ridiculous fees by selling their t-shirts for $1 each at tonight’s show in las vegas, leaving the venue with about 50 cents per tshirt. here is a message from the band’s manager regarding the decision.

(Roger Rey)

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